Massa already upsetting Formula E rivals!

13-01-2019 08:43
by Adam Newton
F1 News
Massa already upsetting Formula E rivals!

It’s fair to say Felipe Massa hasn’t set the world of Formula E alight with his performances so far, finishing 17th and 18th in his first two races. However, he has managed to get under the skin of a few of his competitors.

During qualifying for Saturday’s Marrakesh ePrix in Morocco, Massa appeared to get in the way of Nelson Piquet Jr, who was on a flying lap.

Piquet, the 2014-15 Formula E champion said over the radio: “I hope you’ve seen what Massa did on the last corner, damned amateur.”

Massa also managed to upset British driver Oliver Rowland, with Rowland complaining over the radio: “What is this Massa guy doing?”

Fair to say Massa hasn’t endeared himself to his rivals quite yet, but 11 Grands Prix wins shows that he is a class act and he’ll get used to Formula E eventually!

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