Wehrlein confirms Ferrari talks

11-01-2019 11:11
by Bevan Youl
Wehrlein confirms Ferrari talks

Current Formula E driver Pascal Wehrlein has confirmed that there are talks ongoing between him and Ferrari to be their development driver.

Wehrlein was unable to find a seat in Formula 1 for 2019 and after being unable to do so, Mercedes cut ties with him at the end of the year.

With Daniil Kyvat having been Ferrari’s simulation driver last year and now returning to the grid in Toro Rosso again the Scuderia are in need of a replacement.

He told Motorsport-Magazin "The state of affairs is that talks are taking place, but nothing has yet been confirmed,” (gpfans.com).

The German is currently committed to Formula E team Mahindra for 2019 so would be unable to assist at all of the F1 grand prix on the calendar. But has said that choosing Formula E was to give hm other options as well. 

"One of the reasons I chose Formula E was that you could also do jobs in other championships. I already said last year that I'm very interested in doing something else besides Formula E. Working with Ferrari would of course be a very good opportunity."

Sebastian Vettel hinted at his compatriot as a candidate for simulation driver last year but Wehrlein is unsure of his involvement. Regardless he still wants a return to Formula 1 in his future career.

"I've been getting along well with him for a very long time. To what extent he was involved, I cannot assess. My goal remains Formula 1. Currently I am happy with how I am positioned this year. For me it is good to sit in a Formula E or generally in a Formula car. That's what I want to do, because I see my future in Formula racing."

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