Hamilton: Current F1 tyres mean that there is no out-and-out racing

06-01-2019 09:28
by Louis Shaw
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Hamilton: Current F1 tyres mean that there is no out-and-out racing

Lewis Hamilton has blamed the current tyres for Formula 1's lack of 'out and out hard racing'. 

Hamilton feels that the recent generation of tyres have had too much control and have impacted the drivers forcing them to drive a certain way. 

The 2018 world champion said that race strategy is purely about maximising tyre life. 2018 saw many drivers stick to a quicker one-stop strategy but meant driving to preserve the tyres, meaning that the fans were robbed of wheel to wheel racing. 

“Sometimes we could do the whole race distance on the same tyre before the tyre falls apart,” Hamilton said to crash.net.

“I am always cautious when they say you could do the whole race distance without stopping in the race.

“I don’t know how it has been for everyone else but there have not been a lot of races where you have been able to push to the maximum. There is so much lift and coast because the tyres overheat the whole time.

“So you are not seeing out-and-out hard racing on the tyres but that’s been the name of the game for a long, long time with the tyres we have.”

Following many requests from Formula 1 Pirelli have simplified their tyre range for the 2019 season in an attempt to fix the issues the drivers have brought up. 

Amongst this tyre change, there are other rule changes which are set to improve Formula 1 by 20% according to Ross Brawn

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