F1 Today | Hamilton celebrated, Aston Martin sign key Ferrari man

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F1 Today Hamilton victory Cardile to join Aston Martin from Ferrari
8 July at 20:30

One day after scoring his first win since 2021, Lewis Hamilton received nothing but praise from pundits and friends alike. Over at Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll's team will complete the signing of Enrico Cardile from Ferrari.

Hamilton celebrated

Lewis Hamilton could once again stand on the top step of the podium at Silverstone, for the ninth time in his career. The Briton also broke a new record with this victory. His former rival and good friend, Sebastian Vettel congratulated Hamilton in an Instragram story. The Briton's former physio, Angela Cullen also shared a post on her Instragram.

Something Peter Windsor and Martin Brundle also agreed on was that Lewis Hamilton can now feel relieved, especially after the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. "He just loves racing. He lives for racing," Windsor said in his analysis on YouTube. Toto Wolff approached Hamilton's victory also from a different angle. When the Austrian was asked about Kimi Antonelli, the Mercedes team principal responded lyrically to GPblog among others, underlining that this can be great motivation for the young Italian to achieve the same at Monza in F1.

Cardile will join Aston Martin

Ferrari have announced that Enrico Cardile will leave with immediate effect. "Cardile is leaving the company, therefore relinquishing his role as Technical Director Chassis Area," the Italians reported. Since then, GPblog have learned the Italian expert will join Aston Martin. First however, possibly a gardening leave awaits him.