F1 needs to make real progress on 2021 rule changes in January - Steiner

03-01-2019 08:02
by Bobby Vincent
F1 needs to make real progress on 2021 rule changes in January - Steiner

Guenther Steiner has said Formula 1 must begin to define its 2021 rule alterations this month; in order to give teams the best possible chance to prepare.

F1 owners Liberty Media are set to introduce a host of new rule changes in an attempt to try and make the sport more competitive and exciting for everyone involved.

The Haas boss has revealed that discussions over the changes are "moving", but Steiner wants to see even more significant progress before the 2019 season begins.

"We need to know one way or another," Steiner explained to RaceFans.net. "We just cannot know nothing. That is always bad if you know nothing, in my opinion.

"Even if (you) say 'this is what it will be', or at least solid dates, so you can plan for it and focus on it. But in the moment, it doesn't seem to be going that way. At the moment, it's still a lot of talk but no real facts on the table.

"In January, we need to get something otherwise we cannot get there," Steiner continued. "For us, 2021 starts (in 2019) it's not starting, like in any other industry, the year before. You need to start (then) to look at what we need to do because it looks like the rules are changing dramatically and we need to get prepared for it."

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