Red Bull to move into WEC?

27-12-2018 12:56
by Adam Newton
F1 News
Red Bull to move into WEC?

Red Bull Racing could be set to take advantage of their partnership with Aston Martin to make a move into the World Endurance Championship in a few years time.

With the proposed budget cuts set to hit F1 in 2021, some larger teams may find themselves needing to cut some workers off their wage bill to stick to the rules.

Obviously, making workers redundant is never a good thing, but Red Bull’s plan would be to transfer some of their workers over to the WEC to work with the stunning Aston Martin Valkyrie.

Red Bull Technologies helped to design the hypercar, and with the WEC rule changes meaning that a category for hypercars will exist in 2020, Aston Martin and Red Bull may enter the series.

Helmut Marko told Autosport: “With the Valkyrie, Le Mans could be an option with hypercar rules. We went through with it, and it’s a sensational success. The cars were all sold out immediately. That’s another good pillar for Red Bull Technologies.

“If there was a cost cap in Formula 1, we would have to cut people. We don’t necessarily want that. We could then use them in such projects. It still looks like you can run in the WEC at a reasonable cost with the base of our Valkyrie.

“Although Red Bull has never been to the 24 Hours, that’s something we’re thinking about. The main financial burden would be on Aston Martin, which is also clear, because at Le Mans the manufacturer wins. But that would fit into our concept.”


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