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Norris excited for Barcelona Now eight cars are fighting

Norris excited for Barcelona: 'Now eight cars are fighting'

17 June at 08:00
Last update 17 June at 09:07

Lando Norris looks forward to the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona. The Briton believes not only his car is performing well, but he is glad to see another team join the fight at the top: Mercedes.

"I'm looking forward to every track now because every place we seem to be performing well," Norris began about how he expects McLaren to tackle the following challenge. "It's good to see where Mercedes are going to be because they've clearly improved a lot," the Briton also praised Mercedes at the same time.

"The last two weekends, they've [Mercedes] been pretty close to probably being the quickest car. This weekend they've been the quickest all weekend, so I think it was a positive we finished ahead of them because they've been a quicker team, so to always beat a quicker car and quicker team is a nice thing, it's a rewarding thing," Norris analysed the German team's recent performance. The two Mercedes collected the second most points - just behind McLaren - in the constructors' standings at the Canadian Grand Prix with finishing in P3 and P4.

Norris himself is up for the challenge at the top, with four teams and eight cars being involved. "If they're [Mercedes] quicker in the coming races too, then they've kind of joined the fight of Ferrari, Red Bull and us (McLaren). It's only going to make our life better. I think more exciting, more tricky and more stressful because now there'll probably be eight cars which are fighting up there and challenging us all together, so it’s exciting for us, exciting for probably everyone watching, and another opportunity where we can try and make up for [finishing in P2 in Canada]," the one-time Grand Prix winner concluded.