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daniel ricciardo keen to see 2016 car back in formula one

Daniel Ricciardo looks back longingly: 'That was the perfect F1 car'

16 June at 20:00
  • Ludo van Denderen

At 34 years old, Daniel Ricciardo is one of the routines in the F1 field. The Australian has been driving his rounds since 2011, currently at Visa Cash App RB. With so much experience, Ricciardo can pretty much compare the bolides of the last 14 seasons. If he had to pick out one car he has enjoyed the most, he knows it.

First, Ricciardo has yet to get a new commitment for '25 at VCARB. Liam Lawson, for instance, is also a candidate to get the seat next to Yuki Tsunoda. So completely sure he will be there from '26 (when the new regulations are introduced), but the Australian is not sure. Still, Ricciardo also feels a certain enthusiasm when he thinks about what the cars would look like from then on.

Ricciardo happy with the changes

"There's always some excitement because a change can be very positive or sometimes negative. But the opportunity for something positive is through change. I'm optimistic that this could be something good. But let's see. I don't get too excited, but maybe some things are improved through some reg changes," said the veteran driver.

For instance, Ricciardo was happy to learn that the lighter and narrower will be introduced. "A bit lighter, a bit narrower is a start. Is it enough? Who knows? I would love the 2016 car. That was a great balance. But this sport obviously moves on. So it's not something that we know we probably go back to. But at least it's gone back slightly to something in that direction."

This article was written in collaboration with Olly Darcy