Red Bull add performance update to the rear wing ahead of Canadian GP

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Red Bull updates ahead of Grand Prix Canada
7 June at 16:30
  • Tygo Bekkema

The development of Formula 1 cars is an ongoing process. Even during the season, teams work hard to improve the cars. The FIA's update list ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix provides some interesting insights. GPblog lists the most interesting technical developments.

Red Bull have brought two updates ahead of Canada. With a small tweak to the rear wing geometry, the team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez hope to gain performance. In addition, the Austrian racing team have also added some cooling with the front breaks. This adjustment was made specifically for the track in Canada.

Competitors not taking updates

McLaren and Ferrari have been formidable opponents for Red Bull in recent races, but neither team is carrying any updates ahead of the race on the North American continent. VCARB are applying a similar rear-wing update to Red Bull. Mercedes are also coming up with a performance-focused modification to the front suspension.

It remains to be seen whether these updates will also affect the race. The Canadian Grand Prix will be held on Sunday.