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Bernie Collins shares how Vasseur has brought more confidence to Ferrari

Why Ferrari have suddenly made gains: 'Everyone is comfortable'

29 May at 14:00
Last update 29 May at 14:09
  • Sophia Crothall

With just 24 points between Red Bull and Ferrari, the battle for the Constructors championship is closing in. This season has also seen both Ferrari drivers on the top step of the podium, with Carlos Sainz in Australia, and Charles Leclerc in Monaco. Speaking on the Sky Sports F1 podcast, F1 strategy analysist Bernie Collins explained how team boss Frederic Vasseur has turned the team around since joining in 2023. 

Since taking over the role of team boss in 2023 "Fred has brought a lot to that team," Collins said on the Sky Sports F1 podcast. "There was a really telling interview, I think, that we did over the Japanese Grand Prix where he said it's not about what he's doing, it's about everyone in the pit wall feeling comfortable to do their own job, and I think that's what's been lacking in Ferrari."

'They just seem to be growing' 

In 2023, Ferrari finished third in the Constructors championship, but this season they currently sit second behind Red Bull. For Collins, she believes Vasseur has been able to bring the confidence to the team that they have been lacking. She pointed out that for Vassuer, "It's about making sure everyone's got what they need to do their job correctly, to make the decisions quickly, and we've seen this year much more aggressive strategy from Ferrari than we've seen in the past, and much clearer decisions, and I think that through this qualifying even has led to them being in this position of strength, and they just seem to be growing." 

"The team seems more confident, the drivers seem more confident. We have to put a large bit of that at Fred's door, and you can see him in the paddock. He's relaxed. They're great. He's one of the easiest people to interview, and he's just so chilled out, and he seems to be spreading that through the team, and a team that's confident like that and growing will do really well," Collins added.