Ferrari team boss Vasseur clear: 'I'm not fixated on Red Bull at all'

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Ferrari team boss Vasseur on chances against Red Bull
28 May at 20:00
  • Nicole Mulder

Red Bull Racing's somewhat disappointing performance in recent races has caused quite a stir. It is still early in the season and so, according to some, there could just be a fight for the world championship. Ferrari team principal Fred Vasseur, however, does not want to get ahead of himself.

Can Ferrari compete with Red Bull?

Ferrari may have caught up with Red Bull thanks to its double podium in the Monaco Grand Prix, but Carlos Sainz does not simply expect the team of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez to have lost its favourites status now. Vasseur thinks the same and, despite Charles Leclerc's win, says he is not at all concerned about Red Bull.

"It's not me. I'm not speaking about that," the Ferrari team principal said. "We are fighting with McLaren for Red Bull first. I'm only focused on myself. I don't care about the others, but the target is to do a good job, to improve the car, to do a good job with the drivers. Then we are fighting with the guys who are with us on the grid, and I'm not focused at all on someone because we have still 17 races to go."

"McLaren is a contender that's for sure," Vasseur continued. "We had exactly the same pace. I think yesterday it was a matter of one-tenth, and they were in front of us last week in Imola, and it will be like this until the end. I was not thinking about Red Bull, and I'm not doing a fixation on Red Bull at all."