Vasseur highlights these hidden benefits following Leclerc's Monaco win

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Hidden benefits for Leclerc after win in Monaco
29 May at 12:30
  • Sophia Crothall

After many years, Charles Leclerc was able to convert his pole position to a win in Monaco on Sunday, finally breaking the 'curse' and winning his home race for the first time. Frederic Vasseur believes this win will have many benefits for the Monegasque and has lifted a weight off his shoulders. 

Speaking to GPblog and others in the paddock following Sunday's Grand Prix, Vasseur was asked just how important this win for Leclerc is, to which he replied: "First, you will stop asking him each year, what will happen next year, what will happen this week. This is over now. It's behind us. I think it was an important one that he had a kind of weight on his shoulders for years now about the win in Monaco."

"In the end, he was not in doubt. He was a bit under pressure with this, but it's not just about Monaco. I think probably because of his self-confidence and the approach that he has to all the other events, Charles will take a step forward for sure."

A confidence boost for Leclerc 

In his sixth attempt to win his home race, Leclerc was able to do so. This was a big improvement for the Ferrari driver who did not finish the race last year. When asked how this win may help the Monegasque, Vasseur said: "I think this one will help him a lot, for sure, in terms of confidence. I think one of the characteristics of the winners is also that they are used to winning at one stage and they have the confidence to manage the situation and even when something happens, they have the self-confidence that it's okay, I will manage it next time. When you are in doubt, it's a bit different and I think from this one, he will take a step forward for sure."