Perez responds to Marko's comment on his future: 'Not thinking about it'

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perez gives update on red bull racing contract
23 May at 18:30
  • Ludo van Denderen

These are exciting times for Sergio Perez. The Mexican has an expiring contract at Red Bull Racing and needs to earn a new contract in these upcoming months. A race like Imola last week then certainly does not help his case. On the Italian circuit, the Mexican finished no further than eighth in the Grand Prix after a dramatic qualifying session. In Monaco, Perez must do better, no doubt realising this himself. One advantage: the veteran knows how to win on the streets of the principality.

It has now been two years since Perez crossed the line first in Monaco. On his way to the podium, the Mexican whispered a little too loudly to team principal Christian Horner that it had been "perhaps a little too early" for him to sign his then-new contract. Too soon Red Bull will not do so this time. The Austrians first want to make sure Perez can perform consistently over the duration of a full season and get close to Max Verstappen.

Perez uncertain about future

It makes this time in Monaco Perez does not yet know where his future lies. "It's not like a percentage or anything like that," the Mexican told GPblog among others, after being asked how close he is to a deal? "Until you sign, it doesn't matter how close you are. Nothing has been signed yet. Anyway, the focus right now is not on my contract, it's mainly on this weekend."

Perez previously let it be known - and Helmut Marko confirmed this - that he wants at least a two-year contract. Red Bull might not want to go beyond one year. "I know that the negotiations are on the way. At some point, we will know and you will be the first one to know. But the most important now is not to think on two years, on one year or three years. It's about this weekend on Saturday. That's my full focus."