Sainz says "good spirit" is "infecting him" at McLaren

11-12-2018 19:00 | Updated: 11-12-2018 19:00
by Bobby Vincent
Sainz says good spirit is infecting him at McLaren

Carlos Sainz Jr has revealed that the "good spirit" surrounding McLaren at the moment is "infecting him" as he prepares for his debut season with the Woking outfit.

Sainz, who spent last season with Renault, will be driving alongside Lando Norris next season, as they aim to make McLaren a household name in Formula One yet again.

In comparison to Norris, 18, Sainz (24-years-old) is the experienced out of the pair and Norris may look towards the Spaniard for inspiration in his rookie season on the F1 grid.

"It is strange to call myself a veteran when I am 24-years-old," Sainz said at the McLaren partnership announcement with One Plus in London.

"It is good for my career that I am considered an experienced and solid driver, which McLaren considers me to be. I feel ready to lead the team during these two years of my contract."

Sainz went on to reveal how he is coming to grips with his new team in Woking.

"I want to keep moving forward, so I go to the factory a couple of days a week," Sainz admitted. "I like to know what is happening and to be in contact with the people here.

"I see everyone there motivated and eager for next year. After a difficult year, they have learned from the mistakes. I see everyone impatient for next season to start, this positive spirit is spreading in the factory and also, it is infecting me!"

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