Exclusive: "I think it encourages me" Norris on being one of the rookies

11-12-2018 15:04 | Updated: 11-12-2018 16:29
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Exclusive: I think it encourages me Norris on being one of the rookies

Lando Norris has spoken exclusively to GPBlog ahead of his step up from Formula 2 to McLaren in the 2019 Formula One season. Our team spoke to the rookie driver at the launch of the new McLaren OnePlus smartphone at the team’s headquarters in Woking.

Norris will be joined by Carlos Sainz in an all-new line up at McLaren following the Spaniard's arrival from Renault.

Norris will be going into the new season as one of a few rookies with Alexander Albon and George Russell also making the step up. So does the new McLaren driver want to compare himself to them or his new team-mate?

“I guess you can compare to the other rookies in some ways but the one guy you can always compare yourself against is your teammate, so from my side of things the perfect guy to compare to is Carlos," Norris said.

“But if you have a rookie who’s beating another driver who’s raced for several years it’s obvious he’s doing a very good job, but you can’t compare to them because they’re in different team situations so for myself we’ll do it against Carlos while learning and trying and beat him obviously but for now working on the car and myself for next year.”

Many teenagers have made the step up to Formula One in recent years Max Verstappen being the standout but does Norris feel encouraged or worried about being one of the youngest drivers on the grid?

“I think it encourages me probably but at the same time thinking and hoping it allows me to have a long career in Formula One," Norris added.

“I have a lot to learn I’m not a perfect driver there’s so many things I need to work on, I think being such a young driver I have time on my side so there’s a lot of things still to learn but I don’t think that impacts how I work or think too much.”

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