Vettel: "Schumacher's spirit keeps floating over Ferrari"

10-12-2018 16:43
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Vettel: Schumacher's spirit keeps floating over Ferrari

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel has admitted that a conversation with his idol and friend Michael Schumacher would be really helpful right now, as the German continues his chase for a title with the Italian team.

As Vettel ended another season in second place behind Lewis Hamilton, it meant another year for Ferrari without a title. Kimi Raikkonen's title back in 2007 remains the last time the prancing horse produced a drivers' championship-winning car, meaning the pressure on both the team and on Vettel as the team's poster boy increase by the day.

Schumacher did manage to win a title with Ferrari. In fact, he did so five times in a row between 1999 and 2004. This is why Vettel wishes he could speak to his childhood hero.

"Michael has spent many years in Maranello, and his spirit keeps hovering above the team," the 31-year-old was quoted by

"That still applies. With Michael I would speak the language of drivers and not of technicians, so a conversation would be extremely helpful, because with Michael I always had a great relationship anyway. Yes, I miss him."

There is no record of Vettel having visited the seven-time champion since his tragic skiing accident back in 2013.

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