Jean Todt on the success of the Halo

10-12-2018 10:51
by Louis Shaw
Jean Todt on the success of the Halo

Jean Todt believes that the introduction of the Halo has been justified. 

FIA president Jean Todt believes Halo “demonstrated it was a good decision” to introduce the Halo for the 2018 Formula 1 season.

The cockpit safety equipment came under scrutiny but it has been tested a number of times this season, most noticeably in Charles Leclerc and Alonso's crash in Spa. 

When asked in an interview with Sky Sports if Halo saved a life in 2018, Todt said: “Honestly I don’t know.

“It probably demonstrated that it was a good decision. For me all that we can do to improve safety, we need to do it.

“We have seen not only in Formula 1 but in other categories in motorsport, with Sophia Flörsch in Macau, we have seen in Formula 2, we have it in different categories of motorsport, not only in single-seaters or circuit racing but it was important.

“So we will never compromise. We need to see every time how we can look at things better. I am sure we will have a possibility of improving.

“The most important is that we make the right decisions and improve what can be improved. Clearly, Halo was among those things.”

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