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mike krack on red bull's interest in newey

Aston Martin vague about interest in Newey: 'I said that already, didn't I?'

12 May at 20:00
  • Ludo van Denderen

With almost all the main drivers already committed for the 2025 season, silly season is not very exciting anymore. Still, there is one (possible) transfer that could keep minds busy for a while: What will Adrian Newey do after his time at Red Bull Racing? Through team principal James Vowles, Williams has already revealed that it has spoken to Newey, while it is also an open secret that Ferrari have Newey in their sights. Aston Martin have also been linked to Newey, much to the irritation of team principal Mike Krack.

Asked about how much Aston Martin is trying to contract the designer, Krack says: "If someone like that is leaving a team, it's always causing the, say, the turmoil that it is creating. I think we speak about nothing else about last two weeks in the media, which is good because we speak about Formula One. But then, yes, I already confirmed a couple of weeks ago. I think it was a clear answer, but nobody really took it serious. So we are quite happy with our technical team and we continue with them."

Krack remains unclear

Yet to the actual question Krack does not answer: 'How much does Aston Martin want Newey?' The Luxembourger could have simply said: 'We don't want Newey, full stop.' But the team principals sticks to a rather cryptic answer. Even when questioned further, he refuses to say.

So Aston Martin are not going to try to contract him? "I said already that I have answered this question more than once," is what Krack goes on to say about it, before closing the topic.

This article was written in collaboration with Kada Sarkozi.