Todt: I watched Brazilian GP with Michael Schumacher

07-12-2018 12:16
by Adam Newton
Todt: I watched Brazilian GP with Michael Schumacher

We still don’t know much about the condition of Michael Schumacher, but former Ferrari boss and current FIA president Jean Todt has revealed that he watched the Brazilian Grand Prix with the seven time World Champion, who is still recovering from a skiing accident almost five years ago.

Todt and Schumacher were close friends during their time at Ferrari, where the German won five titles in a row from 2000 to 2004 and Todt says that he visits Schumacher and his family every two weeks and watched the race at Interlagos with the F1 legend.

Todt told Auto Bild: "Actually, I'm always careful when I say something. But it's true, I watched the Brazilian Grand Prix in Switzerland with Michael.”

Hopefully this could mean that Schumacher has recovered enough to watch and understand racing and we can still dream that one day he may be back to at least something that resembled his former self.

Todt did not explain anything else about Schumacher’s health and condition, but did have a moan about the amount of advertising on German TV!

"I was very frustrated because I could not believe my eyes after five minutes," he added. 

"When I'm watching a race, I always have an iPad next to me with all the times. That's why advertising does not bother me so much. 

"I also understand that private broadcasters fund their reporting and that the procedure complies with the law. But I would have liked one of those little windows in the corner where I do not completely miss the racing. If I see a race, I want to understand it too."

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