Fisichella opens up on Schumacher health

06-12-2018 16:34
by Joseph Tyrrell
Fisichella opens up on Schumacher health

Giancarlo Fisichella has admitted he is unaware of how his friend Michael Schumacher is doing following his 2013 skiing accident.

Schumacher’s condition has been kept private since the accident as the family choose to focus on his recovery and only recently was his final interview released.

Fisichella won three races in his F1 career racing against Schumacher as well winning the 24 hour Le Mans.

"I keep myself informed about his health, but nothing is known, they do not let us know anything about him.

"I'm very sorry, as a colleague he was an incredible opponent, he wrote the history of Formula 1.” Added Fisichella.

Schumacher’s former rival revealed what he’d do if he was given one last meeting saying: “Michael Schumacher? I'd like to hug him and talk to him.

"I really hope with all my heart that he can resume a normal life.” The Italian told broadcaster Rai of Italy.

Schumacher’s son Mick recently won the European Formula 3 and Fisichella admitted he’d like to tell him how well his son was doing.

"I would tell him what his son Mick is doing, that he's growing up, that he's winning and that, probably, he will become a champion like him.”

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