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Formula 1 team bosses do want a new points format

F1 team bosses sympathetic to new points system

5 May at 08:00

A hotly debated topic in Formula 1 is the current points system. There are reportedly plans to shake up the current points system. The new points system should allow smaller teams to gain more points. There is talk of giving points to positions 11 and 12 in a Grand Prix as well, but nothing is final yet. Formula 1 team bosses spoke about the situation at the press conference in Miami.

James Vowles and Mike Krack give their view

James Vowles, currently not exactly a high-flyer with Williams in terms of points, gives his opinion. "I think changing the points is sensible. There was just questions over where do we go? Is it P12, P14, P16? All cars, fundamentally. In terms of tuning it at the front, I think my conclusion from that is Verstappen won by winning the most races. It doesn't matter what you do. It would have still led to him winning championships."

Mike Krack, Aston Martin's team boss, also hopes the small teams will get more to fight for again. "I think the system needs to be looked at. We have a new fan base also. We are not the purists anymore that we were for many years. So I think it is really time to have a look at this. Personally, I think there always needs to be something to fight for, wherever you are [on the grid]."

Laurent Mekies and Zak Brown also want it to be easier for small teams to get points

Laurent Mekies of Visa Cash App RB explains that P11 already feels like pole position for the drivers at the back of the field as well. "We have 10 very strong teams. This year is a good example. We have a fantastic fight also in the second part of the grid, 10 cars fighting within one tenth, two tenths. Our pole position is P11 currently. Our win is P11. If nothing happens at the front. So we think it's a fantastic fight (if you can get points even with lower rankings)," said the Frenchman.

Zak Brown also sees more points to be gained. "We're supportive of more teams getting more points."