Verstappen expects more from rivals in Chinese GP: 'Everyone has learned'

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Verstappen expects more opposition in Chinese Grand Prix

Red Bull Racing had a strong Saturday in China. Max Verstappen won the sprint race, only to be joined by teammate Sergio Perez on the front row of the grid for the Formula 1 race. However, the Red Bull drivers are expecting more opposition from their rivals on Sunday than the day before.

Verstappen expects tough race

"Really great to be back here. It's an amazing track and a lot of fun to drive. Yesterday it was a great day. So hopefully we can do something similar today,' Verstappen looked ahead to his race.

In the sprint race, the Red Bull Racing driver showed an inauspicious pace, building a 13-second lead over number two, Lewis Hamilton, in just 10 laps. However, Verstappen does not assume it will be the same in the Grand Prix.

"Well, I think everyone learned a lot from yesterday. So I don't expect it to be like yesterday. From my side, the wind is a bit different today. So I just need to understand that. Then just try to do my own race," he added.

Perez also expects more opposition

Teammate Sergio Perez, who also has quite a few fans in China, expects an entertaining race. "Incredible," he said about the support he is getting so far from home. "It's been amazing. Really happy to be back here after so many years that we didn't race. So, yeah, looking forward to put a good show for the fans, which they deserve a lot. I think it's going to be an entertaining race with the deg that we saw yesterday. I think it's going to be a good race for the fans."

Asked if anyone can come close to Red Bull in the Formula 1 race, Perez replied, "Hopefully not. But you never know. It's a race day and a lot of people will learn from what they've done yesterday. So I assume that they will be able to improve and have a stronger pace today," Perez said.