Whiting explains issue with the controversial high kerb in Abu Dhabi

26-11-2018 18:34
by Matt Gretton
Whiting explains issue with the controversial high kerb in Abu Dhabi

Charlie Whiting has explained how the high kerb on the Yas Marina Circuit became such a talking point in the early stages of the Grand Prix weekend. The kerb made it's debut this year and came in to solve a track limits issue. The kerb quality wasn't good enough, and the race director has explained what happened.

"The top centimetre in some places was a bit chunky. Every time a rider drove over the element, dust came up," Whiting said about the kerb which sits 50cm high.

"The drivers showed their concern on Friday during the drivers briefing, after which the organization decided to make the high kerb less aggressive."

According to Whiting, warm weather was present when the kerb was installed on the track. This had knock-on effects on the quality of the highest part of the kerb. Whiting explains how his crew managed to solve the issue after practice sessions on Friday.

"We removed all the loose particles, then we applied two layers of epoxy and painted it again. It's okay, in some places the kerb is slightly lowered, but in general the height has remained the same," Whiting added.

The only major incident with the kerb came prior to the alterations. Max Verstappen drove over the top and damaged his floor.

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