Vandoorne to work for Mercedes F1 team in 2019

22-11-2018 18:14
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Vandoorne to work for Mercedes F1 team in 2019

Departing McLaren driver Stoffel Vandoorne has confirmed that he'll be working for Mercedes' Formula 1 team in 2019, as the Belgian will be doing simulation work for the Germans apart from his Formula E duties.

Vandoorne was deemed surplus to requirements at McLaren after another disappointing season, as the now 26-year-old can't quite showcase his obvious talent on the track consistently. He also hasn't beaten his teammate Fernando Alonso in qualifying in over a year.

As he'll be replaced by rookie Lando Norris next season, Vandoorne has decided to move to Formula E, where he'll drive for the Mercedes-funded team HWA. He'll still keep tabs in F1 because of that, as Mercedes opted to use the Belgian for simulation work.

"I'll be doing the simulator work in the F1 team for them, with Mercedes," Vandoorne was quoted by GPfans.

"That's an exciting part for me as well, to still be involved in the F1 world, to be with the world champions as well.

"It will be a very interesting move. I'm sure I can bring them a lot of fresh ideas, but also for me to see the differences there are, because I've only been at work with McLaren in F1.

"It's definitely good to keep involved in the [F1] world, because we never know what happens in the future.

"To be involved with Mercedes and to perform the work for them is good, they will know exactly what I'm capable of doing."

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