Zandvoort "needs complete overhaul" to host future Dutch Grand Prix

20-11-2018 19:14
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Zandvoort needs complete overhaul to host future Dutch Grand Prix

Noise around the Formula 1 paddock has suggested that potential new F1 host Zandvoort in the Netherlands would need a complete overhaul to host a Grand Prix in the future, as the beach-side circuit is "too tight" to feature F1 racing on it as of now.

This is quite the contrary of what Charlie Whiting said, as the F1's race director insisted that Zandvoort would only need relatively small adjustments to get up to snuff to host the F1. He visited the Netherlands at the start of September to look at the current state of the track, which hasn't featured a Grand Prix since 1985. It has to be pointed out though that Whiting only looked at the circuit from a safety point of view. The FOM (Formula One Management) are in charge of checking the rest of the track.

"They can host an F1-race there, the only problem is that the circuit would need quite the renovation," former F1 driver and current analyst Timo Glock told Motorsport.

"There have to be run-off areas and you also have to look at how people will come and go to the circuit. So it has to be completely re-done.

"But, honestly, it would be cool to have a race there, mainly because of Max Verstappen. The crowd would go crazy. And looking at the number of fans that will come to the race, the infrastructure will have to massively change. To get all the people to the circuit and away from the circuit, that's the biggest challenge Zandvoort faces."

Glock has raced at Zandvoort in both Formula 3 and in DTM, even winning a race there in the latter class in 2017.

Brendon Hartley has also raced at Zandvoort in the past, and the Toro Rosso driver would love to see it make a comeback in F1, even though he concedes that the circuit is a little tight.

"I love Zandvoort, but I think it might be a little too tight for F1," the Kiwi said.

"Having said that, we also race in Monaco!

"As I said, maybe the track isn't wide enough for the big F1 cars we drive in today. I don't know if that's still the case, but those were the remarks back in the day. I drove there in 2008 with the Masters of Formula 3 and in 2006 with the Formula Renault 2.0. It's an amazing track."

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