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Verstappen explains what he will MISS most when he retires

Verstappen explains what he will MISS most when he retires

27 February - 07:00

Max Verstappen has never made a secret of his desire to retire from F1 sooner rather than later. The Dutchman would also like to race in other classes. Verstappen does know what he would miss most about Formula 1.

Verstappen still has a contract with Red Bull Racing until 2028. Whether Verstappen, who will then be 31, will continue racing after that is far from certain. Verstappen himself has made no secret of the fact that it could just be over after that season too. Max does not necessarily want to stay in F1 at any cost.

What Verstappen would miss about F1

In that respect, Verstappen also has his eyes on the World Endurance Championship. Le Mans, in particular, is a race that would be high on Verstappen's wish list. For now, he is still fully committed to F1, but there will come a time when he will also race that kind of race.

"What I would definitely miss when I retire is the professionalism. Working at the top with so many great people is something I would miss even driving in another category. The bar is very high here (in F1). If you want to change something, no problem, it is immediately remade. The technical people sometimes come up with insane solutions," Verstappen told Hungarian M4sport.

In all other classes, Verstappen will be able to continue racing, but F1 is the top class of motorsport for a reason. Verstappen is with the top team and that became clear once again in early 2024 when Red Bull presented the RB20. With it, it seems to outsmart the competition again, although that will only really become clear at the Bahrain GP.