Strongest season in 10 years - Ferrari

16-11-2018 10:41
by Bobby Vincent
Strongest season in 10 years - Ferrari

Ferrari's engineering chief Jock Clear has explained how this season has been the team's "strongest season for 10 years".

At one stage, Ferrari looked to have the stronger machinery to their title rivals, Mercedes; but too many errors from Scuderia handed the Silver Arrows their fifth constructors' title in a row.

Ferrari were obviously very disappointed to miss out on the title, but Clear believes that the lessons learned this season should help them become more consistent in the future.

"It has been a fantastic battle and that's why we do this sport," Clear said to Autosport. "It's seasons like this that you just relish. Obviously, when you are on the wrong end of it, it is frustrating. But specifically, we haven't really looked back at what point, as you put it, things slipped away from us.

"The fact is a season is season and the points we score in Abu Dhabi are just as important as the points you score in Australia (first race of season), and to win a championship you need to put together a full season.

"We haven't done as good a job in that respect as our direct competitors and we are aware of that. We look back over the season, we look at the strengths of what is probably the strongest Ferrari season for 10 years and we build on those strengths."

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