'Red Bull employee who accused Horner already questioned by investigator’

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Newey questioned in investigation into Red Bull team principal Horner
11 February at 13:00
  • Nicole Mulder

Christian Horner had a conversation of no less than eight hours on Friday with the independent investigator hired by Red Bull Racing to investigate alleged inappropriate behaviour by the British team principal. Other team members, including Adrian Newey, were also reportedly questioned about the matter.

Red Bull investigation could take some time

It soon became clear on Friday that there would not be an immediate resolution from the investigation following the conversation between Horner and the barrister, which lasted no less than eight hours. It is also possible that it will not be the only interview that will take place with Horner, but no further details are known about that.

What is clear, however, is that the independent barrister will not take into account the Formula 1 activities that will soon take place. Thus, the investigation may continue until after the launch of the RB20 and it is also not guaranteed to be completed before the opening race of the F1 season, the Bahrain Grand Prix.

'Newey questioned in Horner investigation'

According to German Motorsport-Total.com, Horner and the employee who made the allegations are not the only ones with whom interviews have been held. The employee in question is said to have already told her story, but other members of the team are also said to have answered questions from the investigators. These are said to have included a conversation with Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey.

Although the investigation does not take into account any planned F1 activities, Red Bull will hope to have clarity prior to the presentation of the RB20, which is scheduled for Thursday, 15 February. Whether Horner will be present will depend on whether the investigation has been completed and - if so - the conclusions drawn from it.