Hamilton is "conflicted" over the future of motorsport

14-11-2018 08:49
by Matt Gretton
Hamilton is conflicted over the future of motorsport

Lewis Hamilton says he is "conflicted" over the future of motorsport and all-electric racing. He admits he would like to sort out the current climate change issues, but doesn't want to see the end of petrolhead generation.

Earlier this week the five-time World Champion admitted he like to see more care and attention aimed in the direction of climate change. But as a racer, it's hard to tackle.

"It's a difficult one because I'm conflicted. The gasses that we emit with our cars are not particularly helpful for the climate and for the world, so on one side that's a concern for me," Hamilton told reporters.

"But on the other side, as a racing fan, I'm a petrol head and I will always be a petrol head. There will never be a time when I'm an electric head."

The 33-year-old admits the work they're doing in Formula E is advantageous but says he doesn't want to see the end of the fuelled car.

"I hope, at least, in my period of time, it’s always going to be a fuelled car with at least some sort of V-shaped engine, with some sort of sound," Hamilton continued.

"I think it’s great what Formula E are doing and it’s a great start. It’s great to see all the top brands - Audi, BMW, Mercedes – are all getting heavily invested because, particularly on the roads."

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