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Berger praises Ferrari for attracting Lewis Hamilton

Berger praises Ferrari: 'Hamilton is going to bring a revolution'

3 February at 18:00

Gerhard Berger calls Ferrari's recruitment of Lewis Hamilton "the best decision ever". The former Formula One driver compares the Mercedes driver's switch to that of Michael Schumacher when he swapped Benetton for the Italian racing stable.

Berger: 'Signing Hamilton the best decision ever'

"Signing Hamilton seems like the best decision ever to me. It is a step I have waited for a long time," Berger began in conversation with Corriere della Sera. "This is great news. Hamilton brings a new dynamic to the team, different from what happened with Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Sometimes you need an energetic change within a team."

"I am convinced that with Lewis there will be new skills, new engineers and a new way of making decisions at Maranello, driven by a motivation that everyone in the team will feel. Something like what happened when Schumacher joined Ferrari," he added.

'Hamilton is going to revolutionise Ferrari'

The 64-year-old Austrian expects Hamilton's arrival to start a revolution at the Italian team. "We are talking about the most important, most consistent figure in modern Formula 1 in terms of results, but also in terms of fan following. Lewis is a reference for a huge community that includes people who are not that interested in racing. That puts him in a unique position."