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Vietnam will produce exciting races

Vietnam will produce "exciting races"

07-11-2018 18:25
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Bobby Vincent

Formula One's hierarchy has revealed its confidence that the Vietnam Grand Prix will produce "exciting races" with its introduction in 2020.

It was announced earlier today that Vietnam would be hosting a Grand Prix in 2020 at the Hermann Tilke-de-signed circuit.

Formula One's managing director Sean Bratches said that recent progress with circuit design will make the event successful.

"One of the things that has been critical to our efforts in recent times is the creation of great racing circuits," Bratches said to RaceFans. "We don't want another professional race.

"We want true racing - wheel-to-wheel, livery-to-livery - on street circuits where there is actually the possibility of overtaking. To that end, we have a motorsport and technology division within Formula 1 now and that team has been working hand in glove with the Hanoi government to ensure that the circuit is not only in a world-class city, which Hanoi is, but that it is a world-class circuit fans will enjoy."

Bratches revealed the April date selection for the race was picked because of Liberty Media's wish to group races by region.

"One of the things we are currently trying to do is align our races by geography," Bratches added. "We are subject to some agreements we have inherited, but ideally, and not necessarily in this order, we would like to have our races in the Asian and Australasian markets grouped, as we would the races in our American and European markets. April in Vietnam supports that vision."

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