Pirelli questions high degradation tyres for F1

06-11-2018 08:41
by Bobby Vincent
Pirelli questions high degradation tyres for F1

Pirelli sporting director Mario Isola believes that Formula One should reconsider whether using tyres that degrade quicker than others is beneficial for the sport.

Formula 1's official tyre supplier have been given the task of creating the tyres that lose performance levels quickly, so teams have to think more about their strategies and to promote more overtaking.

Isola, however, has said that teams are instead preferring to move to one-stop tyre strategies.

In Mexico, following Friday's practice sessions; many drivers complained about the performance of the Pirelli Hypersoft tyre - describing the performance like "driving on wets" after only three laps.

Isola confirmed that drivers have supported the move towards high-degradation rubber, though.

"Negative comments are never nice," Isola said. "I accept negative comments or criticism because if they are made in a good way, they are useful to improve.

"I think the big step was in 2015 when we had the first target letter. The target letter now is appended to the new tender so it means that the document was successful. And the target letter was agreed not only with the FIA and FOM but also with the teams and the drivers. So don't forget that also the drivers were involved in the target letter.

"Ideally for the future, we would like to have another target letter with new numbers, new conditions, new targets agreed with the drivers also. Because they drive the car, they have to tell us what they want. Then it's a compromise between everbody. But it's important to have them onboard."

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