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Partying with Michael Schumacher: ''We had so much fun''

Partying with Michael Schumacher: ''We had so much fun''

14-11-2023 19:00
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Toby McLuskie

In an interview with LuckyBlock.com, former driver Timo Glock speaks very highly of Michael Schumacher. For instance, he calls him the best driver of all time, tells more about Michael's personality and tells a bit about partying with Schumacher.

Glock describes Schumacher as a super friendly guy, but he is the opposite on the track. ''Michael kept himself to himself on the track, and he didn't open up too much. It was, however, the opposite away from the track. He was very open, super friendly, and a really nice guy. People thought he wasn't! I think that's due to how straightforward he was on the racetrack. He was the complete opposite away from his work," the German said.

''Micheal Schumacher is the greatest driver ever as far as I'm concerned. He was my hero. There are different icons of F1 from different eras - we had Ayrton Senna, and then Michael came along and changed the game. For me, he's a hero and he was so influential as I was growing up."

Schumacher was extraordinary in everything

''My fondest memory of Michael Schumacher has to be his overall attention to detail. I spent a lot of time off-track with Michael, and it didn't matter what we did. He was always so accurate and straightforward. He did everything at 100% whether he was on a mountain bike or jumping out of a plane! He was outstanding in every department."

About the parties with Schumacher, Glock would not say much. ''I never saw Michael rip his shirt off! We did, however, have some great parties. We had such good fun.''