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How to watch the 2023 Mexican Grand Prix on TV in the UK

How to watch the 2023 Mexican Grand Prix on TV in the UK

26 October at 12:00

The 2023 Mexican Grand Prix will be the 19th race in the 2023 Formula 1 World Championship and will be broadcast on Sky Sports in the United Kingdom. The session times are again late for the European fans but kind for those in North and South America. This is how you can watch the 2023 Mexican Grand Prix. 

Later Formula 1 session times

The Mexican Grand Prix uses the traditional format of Formula 1. In the United Kingdom, Sky Sports will broadcast every single moment of the weekend. This is the only way of watching the Formula 1 weekend in the United Kingdom and a few select countries around the world where they have exclusive rights. 

Sky Sports' coverage for Friday's first free practice session starts at 7pm [BST]. There is a 30-minute build-up before the green light. After FP1, Sky Sports stay live for the F1 Show starting at 8:45pm [BST]. FP2 is then on the schedule, with the show starting at 10:45pm [BST]. 

Sky Sports will go live again on Saturday for FP3. This programme starts at 6:15pm [BST]. The next show will feature qualifying, starting at 8:30pm [BST]. The team returns on Sunday for the Mexican Grand Prix. Coverage begins at 6:30pm [BST], with lights out at 8pm [BST]. Ted's notebook will not be on this weekend. Click here for the full session times.

Other options elsewhere

In most countries worldwide [not including the United Kingdom], you can follow Formula 1 through the live streaming service F1 TV Pro. They will broadcast all sessions during the Mexican Grand Prix weekend, and you can also choose various commentaries and your favourite driver's cockpit. ViaPlay also broadcasts Formula 1 in a range of different countries, including The Netherlands. 

Every single session during the Mexican Grand Prix will be covered on GPblog with the liveblog. We will also bring you the biggest news stories throughout the weekend. 

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