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Russell visibly shaken after Singapore GP: 'Really heartbreaking'

Russell visibly shaken after Singapore GP: 'Really heartbreaking'

17 September - 19:06 Last update: 20:52

For Mercedes driver George Russell, the Singapore Grand Prix should be quickly forgotten. The Briton was on course for a podium finish in the city-state, but while chasing Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, things went wrong. The British driver crashed. If he had managed to overtake Norris, there would have been a plausible chance of Sainz also being overtaken.

"It’s the most horrendous feeling in the world, when you’re so physically drained, mentally drained, missed out on an opportunity of victory, and then to make such a mistake," the visibly stricken Russell told The Race.

Hamilton on Russell

"It's really heartbreaking. To clip the wall on the last lap is just… it’s such a pathetic mistake. It’s probably that lack of concentration, it’s the last lap and I knew the opportunity was gone," he continued. "In those moments you just want to curl up in a ball and be with nobody."

Along with teammate Lewis Hamilton of Russell chasing the Ferrari and McLaren driver. Hamilton told after the race that Russell "will come back on top".