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Horner's reply offers no hope for Verstappen in Singapore

Horner's reply offers no hope for Verstappen in Singapore

17 September - 12:56

What is going on with Red Bull Racing? The ultra-dominant team with Max Verstappen suddenly look likely to be beaten. Team boss Christian Horner is the man who can best answer, but his answer offers little hope for the drivers.

Horner's answer offers no hope for Verstappen

He told Viaplay:: "I wish I had the answers. I can give you a made-up answer, or I can tell you the truth. We have some theories, but I feel we will be a bit better in the race." Verstappen will start the race from P11 and teammate Sergio Perez will start from P13. In Perez's case, besides the uncooperative car, there was also a personal error to deal with. Perez lost his car and spun on his last fast lap.

Horner continued: "We expected this race to be a tough one for us, but we didn't expect it to be this tough. It will be an exciting race and we have a lot to do to get into a competitive position."

There is a little reassurance, though. Horner says the poor form is mainly down to the track. Horner: "Let's see what happens in Japan. We need to understand the issues here because we are in the final stages of developing next year's car. Any lessons here need to be transferred into next year's car."

Horner jokes about statistics

In Singapore, Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen's impressive winning streak may come to an end. The challengers at least smell opportunities. Speaking to Sky Sports, the team boss said: "I think we have a good race car. Statistically, we have no chance but who believes in stats?"