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Sporting director of Alfa Romeo in Morocco during quake: 'Very frightening'

Sporting director of Alfa Romeo in Morocco during quake: 'Very frightening'

10-09-2023 16:35 Last update: 18:24

Sam Godber

Beat Zehnder, the sporting director of Alfa Romeo (Sauber), was hoping to enjoy a short holiday in Morocco between the Italian and Singapore Grands Prix. While staying in a holiday villa near Marrakesh, the Swiss was also rocked by the devastating earthquake on the night of Friday to Saturday, which left thousands dead.

On Instagram, the sporting director revealed that he and his wife are doing well. "It was strong and very loud, so we just looked at each other and shouted 'get out, get out, get out, it's an earthquake'! We left the room, fortunately we were not injured."

Footage Zehnder shared via his Instragram account shows a surveillance camera of his holiday home recording the shaking: "The house where we are staying only suffered minor damage, nothing major. It was a very, very scary experience... We feel for all those who are affected by this, who are suffering because of it here around Marrakesh and in Morocco," the director continued.

Didn't miss a Grand Prix with Sauber

Zehnder is part of the furniture at Sauber. He started as a mechanic in the 1980s at Sauber, which then competed in classes below F1. When Sauber became active in the king class from the 1993 season, the Swiss also began the adventure in Formula 1. He has reportedly never missed a Grand Prix since then.