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Former F1 driver hopes Marko opts for Lawson in 2024 at AlphaTauri

Former F1 driver hopes Marko opts for Lawson in 2024 at AlphaTauri

7 September - 08:35 Last update: 09:03

Liam Lawson never thought he would make his debut in Formula 1 this year, but he was required to do so. As Daniel Ricciaro's replacement, the 21-year-old New Zealander held his own in the Netherlands and Italy, impressing both inside and outside motorsport's premier class. Former F1 driver Giedo van der Garde hopes Lawson will get a permanent seat at AlphaTauri in 2024.

Japan and Singapore

Daniel Ricciardo is out for now with a fractured metacarpal, and so Lawson looks set to take his place in the AT04 in Singapore and Japan as well. These are extra moments for the talented driver to impress Marko.

"If he gets two more chances in Singapore and Japan, that will be fantastic for him. That is especially true of Japan, he is well known there," Van der Garde alluded to the fact that Lawson is also currently active in the Japanese Super Formula. "He knows the circuit well. Of course, he has to drive against Yuki Tsunoda, so it's not going to be easy. But on the other hand, I hope he can still show it and that he will get a chance in Formula One next year anyway."

With one race to go in Japan, Lawson is in second place with 86 points. Ritomo Miyata is the leader with 94 points. According to Marko, if Lawson manages to win the title in the highly regarded championship, he could "just get a permanent seat in Formula 1". Previously, Pierre Gasly also used the Japanese Super Formula as a stepping stone to Formula 1.

Lawson strong in Italy

Van der Garde, who used to race for Caterham in F1, thought Lawson's performance in Italy was excellent anyway. Indeed, he did not have very much time to get used to the AlphaTauri car further, as the weekend at Monza took place immediately after the GP at Zandvoort.

"Firstly, qualifying. A tenth behind his teammate Yuki Tsunoda, which is incredibly clever. You just have to do it anyway. It's not an easy circuit either. I thought that was a real plus anyway. Apart from that, in the race he just drove a good race. Made no mistakes, didn't go off, stayed cool all weekend. So yes, I do give him a nine," Van der Garde complimented Lawson to

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