Wolff thinks 2019 regulations could shake up the grid

08-10-2018 15:43
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Wolff thinks 2019 regulations could shake up the grid

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff thinks that the new regulations that are being introduced in 2019 could really change the order of the current grid, as he believes Mercedes' domination could come to an end next season.

The Silver Arrows have won four double championships in a row now, and they're very close to the fifth one, as they have a significant lead over Ferrari in both title races with only four races to go.

This time of domination could come to an end though, Wolff thinks, as many rules will be shaken up next season to the front wing, for example, in an attempt to bring the field closer together.

"The biggest influence will be on the new aerodynamic regulations," the Austrian told Motorsport-Total.

"That will turn everything upside down.

"Anyone could find a loophole or bring an innovation.

"Or someone can just understand better how the cars work than the others, there's a big unknown in these regulations for next year, and it could even happen that teams that we do not have on the radar at the moment are coming forward."

However, there are other threats to Mercedes too, as Wolff is keeping an eye on the dangerous looking Honda engines that will be powering Red Bull's strong chassis next season.

"The Honda engine looks very strong now, and Red Bull is a good team anyway, and there's no pattern for one team to dominate on track."

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