OFFICIAL: The 2021 Formula 1 concept cars!

14-09-2018 11:47
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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OFFICIAL: The 2021 Formula 1 concept cars!

The Formula 1 has been working hand in hand with the FIA and the teams to create a car for the 2021 season, which has to provide better looks and better races; this concept will keep evolving as 2021 gets closer, but here's a look at the F1's officially released concept cars!

There's no doubt that the new concept cars look a lot more futuristic than the current designs. While this may not sit well with some fans (*cough* Bernie Ecclestone *cough*), it has to be said that a car like this could attract to a wider, and perhaps younger audience.

The big wheels, the big, long, slick nose, the overall more fluid and aerodynamic look, it has to be said that the concept car looks cool. Why is the old F1 logo on the silver concept car though? 

First look >>

— Formula 1 (@F1) 14 September 2018

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