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Piquet loses appeal after hurtful comments about Hamilton

Piquet loses appeal after hurtful comments about Hamilton

5 June - 18:15 Last update: 19:39

Nelson Piquet has lost the appeal he had lodged over a hefty fine following statements made about Lewis Hamilton. The three-time Formula 1 world champion and Max Verstappen's father-in-law must now pay five million Brazilian Real (equivalent to just over 817 thousand Pounds Sterling), reported by the Brazilian newspaper Globo.

Piquet made several racist and homophobic statements about Hamilton on the internet in 2021. The three-time world champion was then met with responses from Hamilton and the FIA, and the rest of the F1 world rallied behind the seven-time world champion. The Brazilian government did not find Piquet's statements acceptable either and took the matter to court. Initially, Kelly Piquet's father was already fined five million Brazilian Real, so on appeal, this verdict was confirmed on Monday.

Hamilton happy with Brazilian government

Lewis Hamilton, now an honorary citizen of Brazil, said earlier that he was happy with the Brazilian government's action. "I would like to acknowledge the Brazilian government. I think it’s pretty amazing what they have done in holding someone accountable, showing people that it’s not tolerated – racism and homophobia is not acceptable, and there is no place for it within our society. I love that they have shown that they stand for something. I wish more governments out there would do that", Hamilton said earlier this year.

When asked about the matter, Max Verstappen previously revealed that Piquet senior is 'not a racist'.

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