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F1 planning to expand to at least seven festivals in 2019

F1 planning to expand to at least seven festivals in 2019

11-09-2018 19:35
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Nicolás Quarles van Ufford

Formula One's commercial director Sean Bratches has revealed that the sport is planning to do "at least" seven fan festival events next year, after there having been four this year and one in 2017.

The one festival in 2017 was in London ahead of the British Grand Prix. With the massive success of it all, F1 owners Liberty Media decided to increase the sample size to four this year, with events having been held already in Shanghai, Marseille and Milan. Another festival in Miami is still on the cards ahead of the American Grand Prix later this year.

This is not enough, apparently, as Bratches revealed to RaceFans that Liberty Media intend to increase the amount of festivals even more in 2019.

“We did four this year, we’re looking at a minimum of seven next year,” Bratches said.

“And I think that number actually has the scope to grow.

“We’ve spent a lot of time looking strategically at markets that we think are ripe to engage fans, that will drive business interests of ours, our promoters, our sponsors, and our broadcast partners.

“What we found was the most compelling aspect of that was the car runs.

"And I think as we go forward, that’s where we’re going to put our shoulder behind.

“I think it’s the best way that we can engage fans in population centres, where we can really surprise, delight and have many, many fans enjoy, touch, feel and smell the beautiful iconography of the sport.”

Let's just hope not every festival ends the way the one in Milan did, as Sebastian Vettel ended up crashing his Ferrari, damaging the front wing in the process. Still, yet another testament of Liberty Media's intentions of expanding the F1's brand.

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