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Here's why Marko predicts a tougher second half of the season for Aston Martin

Here's why Marko predicts a tougher second half of the season for Aston Martin

1 June - 07:03 Last update: 08:56

Aston Martin was on the podium five out of six Grands Prix in 2023, but the second half of the season could well be a whole lot tougher for the British racing stable. Red Bull Racing's Helmut Marko warns of that. Because of the AMR23's good performance, there is a good chance that Aston Martin will have to put in a lot of time in the wind tunnel from 1 July.

How about that? The higher a team's position in the constructors' championship, the less time it gets for wind tunnel runs and CFD simulations. This, in addition to the budget ceiling, should make the field creep closer together and make Formula 1 more exciting.

The balance sheet is drawn up twice a season. At the end of the season, but also during the season: on 1 July to be exact. Aston Martin concluded the 2022 season seventh and therefore went into the winter with 100 per cent of the standard value. However, there is a chance that they will be second in the World Cup on July 1. Aston Martin then drops to 100 per cent of the time to a mere 75 per cent of the time. It means less time to test new parts.

What can Aston Martin do in second half of the season?

Marko tells "Especially they [Aston Martin] will lose a huge amount of wind tunnel time in the process. In addition, of course, the budget ceiling is also a factor that could have an impact. So far Fernando has been surprisingly fast and consistent, but he hasn't really been able to threaten Max for a moment."

So where Aston Martin now has a lot more resources to catch up with Red Bull, that is in danger of expiring for the second half of the year. Marko thus seems to suggest that Lawrence Stroll's team will have to come up with serious updates in the coming weeks in particular, or else Red Bull will disappear permanently from sight. After all, the two top teams are in the same boat from 1 July: particularly low wind tunnel time.

Red Bull in good position

However, the Austrian formation does have a bit less wind tunnel time. Because Red Bull is first, they remain at 70 per cent, where Aston Martin drops to 75 per cent. However, Red Bull's 70 per cent is not 70 per cent, but 63 per cent. This is because this is due to the fact that the FIA handed out a penalty of 10 per cent less wind tunnel time to Max Verstappen and co. for exceeding the budget ceiling in 2021.