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McLaren sign new Technical Executive team member from Red Bull

McLaren sign new Technical Executive team member from Red Bull

30-05-2023 17:15 Last update: 17:58

Red Bull Racing are osing one of their leaders within technical management to McLaren. Both teams announced on Tuesday afternoon that Rob Marshall, currently working as chief engineering officer, will become the new Technical Director, Engineering & Design (chief designer) at McLaren.

At McLaren, Marshall will join the F1 Technical Executive team, alongside Peter Prodromou and David Sanchez. He will report directly to team boss Andrea Stella. Marshall will be supported by Neil Houldey in the newly created role of deputy technical director, Engineering & Design, to complete the senior technical structure.

Further strengthening the organisation

Stella expressed delight in a McLaren press release that Marshall is joining the Woking-based team. "People and culture are our most important resource. We have recently invested and worked towards developing and empowering the internal talents available at McLaren, and we already perceive and measure the positive impact. In parallel, we have been strengthening our roster by bringing new talents on board. The list was already strong and encouraging, and the addition of a high-end and skilled individual like Rob will further consolidate our ability to establish the highest technical standards at McLaren and be in condition to design winning F1 cars."

Marshall is not yet able to join McLaren immediately. Effective immediately, he will stop working at Red Bull to join McLaren from January.