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International media see Verstappen excelling: 'Easiest win'

International media see Verstappen excelling: 'Easiest win'

29-05-2023 08:47 Last update: 11:08

Max Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix for the second time in his career. In the international media - not for the first time - much admiration for the reigning world champion and his team Red Bull Racing.


Under the headline 'Verstappen wins sliding', Bild states that it was 'the easiest win of the season' for the Dutch world champion. "For Verstappen, it must have been the most relaxed Grand Prix of the current season. The Red Bull star picked up an undisputed start-to-finish victory. Even at the start, the best overtaking opportunity on the narrow street circuit in the principality, the Dutchman is in no danger." According to the German newspaper, this is partly due to a mistake by Aston Martin, which did not underpower Alonso at the tyre stop. "With only one stop, he could have come out of the pits ahead of Verstappen," it said.


The BBC states that it was a "weekend full of illusions". The British broadcaster says: "It started with a feeling within Formula 1 that this could be the race at which Red Bull could finally be threatened seriously by another team, perhaps even beaten. That sense lasted through qualifying and for a large part of the race, but in the end, Max Verstappen and his car did what they always did - crushed those hopes under the sheer weight of their superiority." The BBC is not convinced that Alonso would have had a chance had intermediates been chosen at the tyre change.


AS from Spain saw an 'amazing' Fernando Alonso. However, according to the newspaper, their compatriot was unlucky enough to be battling Max Verstappen. "Celebrities, yachts, a procession of cars, rain, chaos, accidents.... it was Monaco. Everything happened to everyone, and even with those things, it didn't change what was ahead: Verstappen won in Monte Carlo ahead of an amazing Alonso and an excellent Ocon."

The news outlet lists all that happened during the Grand Prix, then concludes the day with, "Only Verstappen won, which he celebrated exuberantly. After a while, Alonso arrived second, his best result of the season with good points for the championship (Pérez was 16th, Fernando comes in at 12 points), it could be better. It could have been Alonso's 33rd [victory]. But it's not bad at all."


Finally, US-based ESPN - which holds the broadcasting rights for Formula One in the US - enjoyed the latter part of the Grand Prix. "Although the rain was bad news for Verstappen, it turned a traditional Monaco procession into a wild ride for the final third of the race as the drivers struggled for grip around the soaked 3.3-kilometre circuit." There was a special word for Esteban Ocon, who managed to claim a 'memorable' third place for himself.