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Ferrari wins 24 Hours of Nürburgring: Truly an incredible achievement
Ferrari overcome issue to win

Ferrari wins 24 Hours of Nürburgring: "Truly an incredible achievement"

21-05-2023 18:35 Last update: 19:18

Ferrari won the 24 Hours of Nürburgring on Sunday. In the Frikadelli team's 296 GT3, driven by Nicky Catsburg, David Pittard, Felipe Laser and Earl Bamber completed a record 162 laps in a 24-hour period, the longest distance ever in the German endurance race.

On the more than 25-kilometre circuit, the foursome quickly took the lead and for most of the 24 hours it remained so. Only once were the men from Frikadelli hit by a little bit of bad luck. A puncture caused damage to the bodywork and the rear exhaust hood. However, the pit stop fell within the pit-window, so the team did not have to visit the pit lane once éxtra. The repairs were made quickly, so no time was lost.

Strategically, the formation made no mistakes and so Pittard, who took care of the last stint, managed to keep Dries Vanthoor's BMW behind. In the end, the difference between the two teams was 41 seconds.

Ferrari very happy with victory

Antonello Coletta, head of Ferrari Attività Sportive GT, spoke of a "historic" victory. "It makes us extremely happy and proud. That we have broken the long-standing hegemony of the German manufacturers over this race in this top competition is truly an incredible achievement. It's great that we win at a circuit recognised as the world's most challenging, complete and demanding track."