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'Talks started: US car dealer wants to take over Alpine'

'Talks started: US car dealer wants to take over Alpine'

9 May - 13:54


With his equally remarkable and outspoken interview on performance - or rather the lack thereof - Laurent Rossi has put everyone at Alpine on edge. The big question is what intention he had in giving the sensational interview. According to Motorsport-Total, there may be an interesting motive.

According to the German medium, speculation is growing that US car dealer AutoNation could become a shareholder. The rumours increased after the company announced a sponsorship deal with Alpine. This would be the precursor to a takeover of the team.

Additional revenue stream

Although Szafnauer does not confirm that a share deal is imminent, he does indicate that something in that direction is happening. "I am not directly involved in the share purchase, but if that happens, it will be announced," he says. He adds that he is happy that there are apparently parties interested in the team, as this could create an additional revenue stream.

Rossi and Renault CEO Luca de Meo visited AutoNation's home race in Miami last weekend. Should they indeed negotiate with the group about a (partial) turnover of the team, it would obviously be in the French's interest to receive the highest possible price. That could rise if the team's performance increases.

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