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Horner and Wolff disagree: 'I'm more on the conservative side'

Horner and Wolff disagree: 'I'm more on the conservative side'

9 May - 13:21


After a sprint weekend in Baku, Miami followed another 'normal' format of a Grand Prix weekend. A relief for the purists in the paddock. Nevertheless, there remain calls within the ranks of Formula 1 to further expand the number of six sprint races.

Another weekendformat will be tested at Imola next week. Three different formats, no doubt soon to be pros and cons for everything. It's learning by just doing it. "Because if we can add to the show, we have to," is the criterion of Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss. "And so it's an experimental phase. Some things work, others maybe not. And then together with the commercial rights order with Stefano [Domenicali], we will find the right decisions."

'Rules need improvement'

In Baku, the Grand Prix was completely separated from the sprint race for the first time, by holding separate qualifying sessions for both races. According to Christian Horner, that was a good step: "But I do think we still need to work on the regs to iron it out. I personally don't think it's right that you can't change the car after one practice session. I mean, that to me seems ludicrous, not to have an element to be able to engineer other fixes into a car, particularly on circuits, street circuits that are changing so rapidly."

Moreover, Red Bull Racing's team boss suggests releasing the tyre choice for the third part of sprint qualifying. "I think we just need to then give it time and just see. But I think we need to let it settle, do the six races this year, and then reflect on it at the end of the year with all the data, all the knowledge, and say, actually, what did it do to the sport? Does it add something? Does it bring something? And what needs perhaps tuning on it?"

Different direction

Toto Wolff has a different direction to his colleague in mind: "I'm more on the conservative side, and I have a laugh with Stefano about that. I like a proper qualifying session on Saturday and the Grand Prix on Sunday. But as a sport, we have to develop also. Maybe there is a different route.  So as long as we have aligned objectives, which we have, the best possible entertainment, whilst maintaining the credibility of the sport, we'll try things."

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