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Tost explains departure: 'Should not have come out for a long time yet'

Tost explains departure: 'Should not have come out for a long time yet'

29 April - 09:11 Last update: 09:26
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Tim Kraaij

Franz Tost is leaving the AlphaTauri F1 team after 18 years. Explaining his departure, the Austrian team boss said it was his own choice, but the news was not yet due to come out yet.

Tost declares his departure from F1

Tost will leave the Scuderia, with Ferrari technical director Laurent Mekies taking over from him. The news came suddenly, although Tost had previously indicated in the media that he was already thinking of retirement. Speaking to GPBlog.com and other media, the Austrian said, "No, it was my decision.  It started already two years ago."

"I love Formula 1. I like all of you as well.  But, you know, it's a story which has to end. And especially now with the solution, with Peter Paya, CEO, and with Laurent Mekies, we have two fantastic people who will replace me. And I think it's the best time to go out from Formula 1."

News on Tost and Mekies out too early

Tost would not comment on the other options for the job, but does say it is not an odd choice to go for the Ferrari competitor. Mekies once started in F1 at the then Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Asked about the sudden announcement of the news, Tost says: "The announcement, to tell you the truth, was not planned to come up now. This was planned much later, but as you're [media] all very professional, there were some leaks in the press. I didn't want to come here and tell all of you I don't know anything because it's not the way we are working. It was planned for a later time in the year."

Tost concludes, "It's out now and of course, I can imagine that some people are not happy about this." Tost does not believe the surprise at Ferrari over Mekies' departure. "Of course, Laurent has spoken to Ferrari, because I don't think he leaves the team without telling the team principal."

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