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Verstappen on future: 'Life not as great as people think'

Verstappen on future: 'Life not as great as people think'

27 April - 16:02 Last update: 17:00


Following his statements in Australia about the future of himself within Formula 1, Max Verstappen has again made statements in Baku about the remainder of his career. The Dutchman says there is always a limit to certain things according to him. He says there comes a point in life when you want to start focusing on other things.

At the press conference in Baku, Verstappen immediately knew what question he will be asked. It was a follow-up to the press conference in Australia. Back then, the Limburger told that he could not see racing for long when so many sprint races were added. The Dutchman therefore begins in Baku with the answer: "I have to be careful what I say now".

Verstappen opens up

"If we keep expanding the calendar and the whole weekend is that long, at one point you are questioning if it is worth it" Verstappen said. "  I think sometimes at a point you get to a point in your career where maybe you want to do other stuff and I know that I have of course a contract until the end of 28 and then we will review again," driver added.

The Dutchman does not mince words and talks about the reality F1 drivers face. "It is not always how it looks like or how people think your life is. I mean yes, it is great, you can do a lot of things, I am very independent, but there is always a limit to certain things."